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Hallett Cove | Brighton | Paringa

Zumba Fitness classes are a fusion of a latin and international music and dance styles to make each class fun, dynamic, exciting and most of all effective. The dance moves are simple and easy to follow and choreographed to sculpt your body. A Zumba Fitness class with Esteem runs for 60-45 minutes.

Zumba Fitness with Esteem uses interval training so that you can get the most out of every workout through the high and low cardio intervals to burn fat faster. Zumba fitness classes incorporate this proven method of fitness training to help your body burn through those calories! The fun choreography keeps your mind occupied as you master all the steps whilst the body works hard and gains fitness steadily.

“Zumba Fitness classes are suitable for people of all fitness levels and all ages.”


As your fitness increases you can start to really attack the classes and increase your output with higher impact options whilst if you are just starting your fitness journey you can start off with lower impact options and work your way to that fitter and happier you!


This is not a dance class, it is a fitness class! Don’t be worried about complicated, tricky dance moves, you can find your coordination as you go! The emphasis is on your fitness and I believe, as a fitness professional, that this system really does work.

Having attended a Zumba Fitness Class with Esteem you will feel the results of your workout:

  1. Legs – from the workout
  2. Abs – from the Latin dance moves
  3. Butt – from the workout too
  4. Hips – blame it on the boogie!
  5. Arms and Shoulders – from waving them around
  6. Mind – from mastering the steps
  7. Face – from smiling and enjoying the fun
  8. Voice – from all the whooping and singing along!

If you like a party and a good workout all at once then get along to a Zumba Fitness Class at one or all of our four great locations south of Adelaide!

Wednesday Nights

  • Hallett Cove Lutheran Church
  • 7:00pm – 8:00pm Zumba
  • Main Hall
  • 20 Ragamuffin Dr, Hallett Cove

Saturday Mornings – On break at the moment…

  • Paringa Park Primary School
  • 9:00am – 9:45am Zumba
  • School Gym
  • 21 Bowker Street, North Brighton

Choose a Zumba Multi-Card or visit casually for $10 at the door…

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